New Features and Areas Are Updated in Aion

Aion announced a new Aion Kinah today that focuses on addressing some of the game’s mechanics based on player feedback and adds incentives for players who have been absent to return to the game.

New areas called Abbeys have been added to each faction’s main city, which can be used exclusively by players who have not logged in for 30 days to help them catch up with gear upgrades, daily and one-shot quests and an Energy of Repose recharge pad. In addition, returning players will gain boosted instance rewards that will also transfer to their entire party, providing regular players an incentive to join up with returning players.


The text of Next-Gen Goalkeeper in FIFA 15

The Goalkeepers have been entirely redrafted for FIFA 15 with more than fifty new saving animations, developed AI and a new, practical played model. The next-gen goalkeepers are more reactive now and fluid when they start moving, looking and thinking in comparable to the real-life keepers. The major alterations to the goalkeepers are improved reactions, better decisions and new way to score. There are the players that can buy fifa 15 coins at the professional coin sellers to take part in trading the players and items while making FIFA 15 team.

the developed reactions

The keepers now read and react to the gameplay condition. It is regulating their movement when there is the wrong direction. And it is making the last-ditch saving by arriving or clearing a leg. FIFA 15 also introduces a new level of realism to the way keepers react to the shots that are firm to cope with. In which there are formerly goalkeepers might catch the most of the balls that they touch. The player is to find a new range of authentic changed-direction and leaning as the keepers attempt to save. The players can go for cheap fifa 15 coins at the online store now.

taking better decisions

The goalkeepers introduce the better decisions in one-on-ones while tracking the ball over the crosses. These integrate the corners and via the balls to their box. The keepers of FIFA 15 authorize their zone with more consciousness and intelligence in comparable to the past. Goalies are also going through the flight of balls and the player is to find more variety how they move to veering, plummeting or confused shots. Buy FIFA 15 Coins Online to make the dream FIFA 15 team with the procurement of the most promising players and items.

new ways to score

As the keepers are more mobile, it announces the new scoring opportunities for the invasions. The opponent indentifies the goalkeeper movement and it is to try the shots diagonally to the goal. There is the introduction of nutmegs or fast shots that are to depart without time to react. The players can buy fifa coins at the online store now.

the introduction of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

There are more than twelve million gamers and the game mode of the Ultimate Team comes out as the most well-liked among the franchise of EA Sports FIFA. During this year, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team brings the mode to an entire new level with the fresh aspects including the concept Squads, friendly Seasons and more.

concept Squads

It is to think that the player knows about making a winning team. The Concept Squads come out as a strong, new-squad planning tool that makes the player decides the future squads applying the whole FUT player catalogue. Apply the concept Squads to decide the next Transfer Markets buying of the player. It is to figure out the replacements for the players and it is to investigate the diverse Chemistry blending. The players can opt for fifa coins online at the professional gaming house to make a FIFA 15 team fast.

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The Best DLC in History? Warlords of Draenor has been Booked over Millions of Copies

Refer to blizzard’s recent financial report (blizzard in the first quarter earnings: world of warcraft user fell to 7.6 million), which points out that the expansion to world of warcraft in the upcoming version 6.0 Warlords of Draenor, only booking soon has sold over 1 million copies. Why the game can be so popular even several months before officially released? Industry analysts say the apart from players always be confident about blizzard, there is a very important benefits: pre Warlords of Draenor can be arbitrary a character upgrade to level 90 without pay more money or wow gold, while a single purchase with this service in the United States needs fee $60.(Another marketing success stories)

As the fifth DLC of the world of warcraft, Warlords of Draenor will return to the world outland demonstrate has not been destroyed to start a unknown interesting parallel story, and the players up to level 100. And great changes have been exposed out also makes a large number of players has AFK to regain confidence in the warcraft series, believe that this was one reason why pre sales breakthrough millions.

Based on booking performance, Warlords of Draenor is one of the fastest selling DLC in the entire series, the new expansion is expected to be launched in the second half of 2014, time will not later than December 20.

Warlords of Draenor will be the standard version (physical and digital two versions are available) in the form of sale, players can now purchase in advance. At the same time, you can also purchase version to upgrade to digital deluxe edition, which contains rich in world of warcraft and other blizzard games reward, which can’t be exchanged by gw2 gold, specific as follows (in-game items online after completion of the purchase in advance can use):

World of warcraft – fear young ravens mounts and fear crow pet; Starcraft II – the emirates portrait; Diablo III – Warsong flag.

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Final Fantasy XIV RMT – I’m done with this game

After giving loads of suggestions in-game, through support center, and here, the only response I got (besides from some fellow users who are as mad as I am about RMT and SE’s lack of action) was being banned from the forums.


Instead of hearing the complaints of hundreds of players and doing something about it, Square-Enix chooses to do nothing but silence whoever complains. Where are we? North Korea? Cuba? We can’t talk about the problems anymore? And we don’t deserve an official answer from Square-Enix?


It’s not like we are begging for a favor. We are actually paying for a service (to play and enjoy the game). And as far as this service goes, it’s one of the worst I’ve seen.

The social side of the game is beyond crippled. We can’t stay logged in without being /busy, or else spambots spam and friend request us every minute.


I’ll probably keep playing until Heavensward comes out. That is, keep playing it as a single player game (tells disabled / busy / unable to communicate properly). After that, I’m done… won’t keep playing this game to be treated this way.


If you want to be lawful neutral and ban me from the forums for having told some inconvenient truths, then BE lawful neutral and ban everyone buying and selling cheap ffxiv gil daily. I’d gladly accept the ban if I knew it would be done to the ones really breaking the game.


Action against illicit behavior is good and all but will only get you so far. The damage is already done by that point.


You need better prevention methods – Go talk to the guys making FFXIV APP about their simple regex filters, and please for the love of god make it simpler to deny friend requests.

Pressing “no” only to have to go into your friends list, scroll all the way down and decline again is so dumb it’s beyond belief.

If it’s a real friend they can always send you another request of you misclick, no loss…


Prevention > Action every four weeks…


I thought the RMT situation was really good in this game on Phoenix when I joined around 2.2, but it’s become worse and worse with time. Now it’s not just /tell’s, it’s friend requests. Direct harassment, Square Enix.


I had a big fat friend request from a stupid ff14store ffxiv gil seller stuck in the middle of my screen during the last few, but very long story cutscenes – it completely ruined the mood because I for forgot to set myself as busy.

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EA Sports confirm latest batch of FIFA 15 winter transfers

EA Sports Fifa Coins have confirmed the release of the latest round of winter transfers on FIFA 15 with the highlight being Colombian winger Juan Cuadrado joining up with his new side Chelsea.

Cuadrado moved to Chelsea on transfer deadline day from Fiorentina with Mohamed Salah going the other way on loan, another deal that has been confirmed.

Fans will be thrilled to finally get to play with Cuadrado who brings five star skills to the already impressive line-up that Chelsea possess.

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